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  • What is the Warranty on the signs?
    We provide 30 years warranty for all our signs which cover any damage caused by natural causes. The LEDs offered have a lifespan of 25-30 years if used for an average of 6 hours a day. We warranty the LEDs for 5 years.
  • What Material is used in for the house signage?
    We pride ourselves in using only the best quality 1/4" Cast Acrylic for our signage. All our products are very durable and do not rust. For the lighting we use Allanson LEDs Micro modules for the most even and bright lighting without a high power consumption.
  • How is the wiring done for the signs?
    For the LED Lights we drill holes into the wall above the garage and fish the wires inside where we cleanly connect them to eachother and plug the sign into any existing 110v outlet. the lights are very efficient and use approximately 60watts for the entire sign. Below is a picture showing how we do the connections
  • Does the sign turn on & off automatically?
    With every sign we include a smart timer that will automatically turn the sign on and off to your preferred timing and can be controlled with your phone.
  • What cities is installation available?
    We install anywhere within 2 hours of Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall. There may be an additional fee for homes outside our installation area to cover basic travel costs.
  • Where can the signs be installed?
    For the Essential option (without lights) the sign can be installed anywhere outside a home. For the Prestige option (with lights) the sign must be installed either above the garage or to the side of the garage.
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